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Otomotifnet.com - Wheel lock is one of the tools that must be carried when traveling.Because its function is very vital, it's no wonder car manufacturers include it as standard equipment.It's just that because of the 'standard' title, it is often considered less relevant to unscrew the wheel bolts.Therefore there is nothing wrong if you have an aftermarket wheel nut wrench.In addition, with aftermarket wheel locks, it can actually make it easier to use.Also Read: Moment Wrench Tool Kit, Right Pressure, Anti-Sleek Bolts"This key can be the answer if by chance the car's default key is lost or even broken," said Saroji, Ace Hardware's Tools Division.Before buying, it would be nice to know about these tools first.Starting from the model, size, material to the type.Doc / AUTOMOTIVE WHEEL LOCK from manual to electricIn hardware stores, there are various models of wheel locks.Generally divided into two models, namely the cross (cross wheel nut wrench) and L similar to the default car.For the model of the cross there are shaped 'T' and 'Y'.Some are solid and some are foldable.“If you are looking for practicality, the folding bar model is very suitable.Because when folded the dimensions are reduced so as to save storage space.Luggage space can still be maximized, "continued Oji as his greeting.Unfortunately, the hinged folds make it look fragile and prone to breaking when used.In addition, there is also an L model wheel lock which is similar to a car's default key.Also Read: Very Easy, Gas Motor is More Responsive, Just Prepare 10 KeysThis model is also divided into 2 types, namely the solid key model and the one that can be removed.Avoid choosing an L-shaped wheel wrench that has sharp edges.Because, when tightening the wheel nut and slipping your hand, you can get injured because of the sharpness of the wheel lock.For the model of the crossbar available in various sizes.Namely starting sizes 17 mm, 19 mm, 21 mm and 23 mm.Just adjust it to the size of the wheel nut.As for the L model, only one size.If you want to buy, make sure it matches the size of the car wheel nut or bolt.In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention when choosing aftermarket wheel locks is the material.Make sure it is made of quality materials, not easy to rust and strong alias not easily broken.The most common is to use chrome vanadium or Cr-V material."The advantage of Cr-V is that it is able to eliminate oxidation or scale that surrounds the key""This coating is necessary because when stored in the cabin, the moisture can trigger rust""So even though it is rarely used, the condition of the wheel lock is maintained for its durability," said Ruli Santoso, Quality Control Inspector of PT Altama Surya Anugerah as a distributor of Tekiro brand tools.In addition to the manual model, there is also an electric wheel lock that uses electricity from a battery or a cordless impact wrench.With this tool, removing or installing wheel nuts does not need to spend extra energy, especially for women.Before buying, pay attention to the size of the square at the end.Read also: Wrench, one of the favorite tools for mechanics because it is flexibleSquare is the base of the square-shaped pretentious eye on the impact wrench head.Generally consists of sizes 3/4 inch, inch and 1 inch.Make sure the pretentious eye you want to use is in accordance with the size of the square.This is determined from the torque listed in RPM units on the tool body or packaging.The greater the torque, the stronger the torsion.Before traveling, make sure the battery is fully charged.Don't forget to take the spare battery with you.According to its function, a wheel nut or also known as a lug nut is a device that serves to tighten the rim on the wheel hub.If the rim is not tightened with the lug nut properly, it can be very dangerous.Especially if the wheel comes off.Currently, many car owners are replacing their standard lug nuts with aftermarket products.The reason is very simple, the car's default lug nut is considered less fashionable and tends to be boring.The brands and models also vary with varied materials and prices.Read also: Sophisticated, this tool can imitate any key, 5 minutes soFor those who like to replace wheel nuts, you should pay attention to the material.“We recommend that you choose steel or magnesium.Because these two materials are known for their strength and resistance to rust,” warned Hendra Susanto from the Korea Timorer Motor (KTM) workshop in Ciputat, South Tangerang.So, don't be fooled by the striking appearance and color or matching the rims on the car.In addition, do not also buy the price is too cheap.Doc / AUTOMOTIVE TREAT IT WELLIt might just make the wheel bolts slick so they can't be opened.So that does not happen, it's good to know the size of the wheel bolt.As in the package it says M12x1.25, it means that the lug nut has a hole diameter of 12 mm and a thread size of 1.25 mm."Japanese cars generally use 1.25 mm sizes used by Nissan and Suzuki and 1.5 mm used by Toyota and Honda," continued Hendra.The thing to remember, do not force the nut to the bolt with a different thread spacing or vice versa.This can cause the nuts to lock or even break the bolts.So that it is not too troublesome, the treatment of wheel bolts must also be right.Also Read: Long Keys, Motorcycles Are Safer, Myths or Facts?After driving under the rain, do not leave the car in wet conditions.“The presence of water between the bolt holes or wheel nuts can trigger rust.Therefore, it is better to dry it first and if necessary, spray it with liquid penetrant so that the remaining water does not stick, "Hendra advised.In addition to rust, incorrect treatment can also cause damage to the wheel nuts and bolts, for example when tightening.“Never tighten the wheel nuts or bolts by stepping on the wheel lock. Because it can cause slippage.The most appropriate way is to use a torque wrench," concluded Hendra.Also Read: Bye, Bye Keys, Open and Close Car Doors, Just Press the CellphoneEven if there is no torque wrench, just use hand strength.Not only that, now there is a lock nut to avoid rim theft.However, you are required to always keep this lock nut so that it doesn't get lost.Because if you lose it, it means you can't remove the rim from the wheel bolt.At first, I wanted to style it, it was bad.You can subscribe to the OTOMOTIF Tabloid via www.gridstore.id.Or the electronic version (e-Magz) which can be accessed online at: ebooks.gramedia.com, myedisi.com or magazines.idBeauty Date |Bobo |Bolanas |Bolasport |BallStylo |Very Girl |Fotokita |Grid Fame |Grid Games |Grid Health |Hot Grid |Motorcycle Grid |Grid Pop |Star Grid |Grid.ID |Gridoto |Hi |Hits |Hype |iDEA |Computer Info |Abstract |Jip.co.id |Champion |Kids |Kitchenesia |MakeMac |Motorplus |Nakita |National Geographic |Nextren |Nova |Otofemale |Otomania.com |Otomotifnet.com |Autorace |Autosecond |Delicious Food |Figure |Sportfeat |Style |Flare |Superball |Videos |Weekend |Gridvoice |Gridvoice |GRID Story Factory |Gramedia.com |Gramedia Digital |KG Media